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Partners with a Purpose

So much more than a public entity risk pool, Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority is a service-driven organization committed to serving members and communities with purpose. Choosing to partner with MMRMA makes you part of something more.

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Award-Winning Risk Management

Nationally recognized and award-winning, MMRMA’s risk management programs are designed to help prevent and reduce claims and occurrences for our members.

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Time-Sensitive Resources & Support

When members need us, we’ll be here. With prompt, easy access to the best resources and support, members can be protected, empowered, and prepared.

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Member-Owned & Member-Driven

Our governance model puts members first. Experienced member professionals — on our Board of Directors and many committees — steer MMRMA to continued excellence.

2024 Annual Meeting

Our summer event is coming up soon!

What Our Members Have to Say

"MMRMA’s service delivery model has always focused on member relationships. That commitment sets us apart from day one and continues to drive everything we do."

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Fabian Knizacky

County Administrator, Mason County

Vice Chairman, MMRMA Board of Directors

"Bay City has been a member of MMRMA for nearly 40 years. Their experienced team has seen us through major storms, losses, and a devastating large fire at City Hall, helping manage risk and handling claims effectively and efficiently. MMRMA’s commitment and professionalism exceed other companies when it comes to taking care of members.”

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Dana Muscott

City Manager, Bay City

MMRMA Board of Directors and Events Planning Committee

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Membership Benefits

MMRMA is always looking for ways to best serve our members so they can focus on serving their communities. Through grant programs, training opportunities, and attentive support from our team, we offer public entities the benefits and resources they need. Partner with MMRMA today and start making a real difference tomorrow.

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Managing Deer in Communities

Every year, especially in the autumn, MMRMA receives inquiries from members asking about deer management. These requests come from urban and rural members alike, all sharing common challenges with deer populations in their communities. Deer pose an array of difficulties for members: disrupting safety on airport runways, damaging crops and flower...

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June 2024 Risk Journal

This issue explores the important role and responsibilities of 9-1-1 telecommunicators and the value they provide to their communities, as well as guidelines and suggestions for developing a drone program and policies for their safe operation. Plus: a member contributor provides an overview on the critical functions and activities associated...

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Get to Know Us

A leader in municipal risk management since 1980, MMRMA is a member-owned and driven organization on a mission to provide exceptional service while giving back to the members and communities we’re honored to serve.

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