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Keeping the Focus on Cybersecurity

Monday, October 25, 2021

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MMRMA introduces new team member, Cybersecurity Practice Leader Daniel Bourdeau.

October may be over, and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month won’t come around for another year, but cyber risks don’t follow a calendar.

It’s always the right time for people and organizations to renew and reinvigorate their efforts to safeguard their data and think critically about cybersecurity practices.

MMRMA is no exception, of course, and is pleased to announce the creation of a new role: Cybersecurity Practice Leader (CPL). This role is positioned to provide our membership with risk control guidance in this critical and specialized space, and Daniel Bourdeau has joined the MMRMA team in this capacity.

Dan is a technology professional with 25 years of experience delivering innovative solutions and has firsthand experience building comprehensive and nuanced cybersecurity toolkits and field-tested response plans. As the CPL, Dan will provide our members with cyber risk control recommendations and assessments. He will also develop and curate valuable toolkits and materials to help members of all sizes and complexities establish and propagate cybersecurity knowledge and best practices and policies throughout their organizations.

MMRMA members who have cybersecurity questions, concerns, or needs can engage our Cybersecurity Practice Leader by email at [email protected].